Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Recovery
Recovering from Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction surgery can be an ordeal or it can go smoothly. There are a few things you need to know about a speedy recovery. The initial recovery requires physical therapy and consist of range of motion (ROM) exercises. You should have the guidance of a physical therapist. ROM exercises are important to regain the flexibility of the ligament, prevent or break down scar tissue from forming and reduce loss of muscle tone. Some examples of ROM exercises consist of straight leg raises and quadriceps contractions.

One method of preventing muscle loss is the use of isometric exercises. These exercises put zero strain on the knee. You'll need some time, approximately six weeks, for the bone to attach to the graft. One of the more important benchmarks in recovery is the twelve weeks post-surgery period. After this, the patient can typically begin a more aggressive regimen of exercises involving stress on the knee, and increasing resistance. It’s bad enough having the doctor tell you that you need ACL surgery.(anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction) What's worse is having the surgery for ACL and then falling and re-injuring yourself because your crutch tips slipped on wet, snowy or icy surfaces.

After surgery for ACL you need to consider using RainGuard Crutch Tips for your crutches. And if you are living in a northern climate, we recommend SnowBoots to go along with them for added traction on ice and snow. Don’t become a statistic to ACL by having more problems after the surgery for ACL. Do everything you can to not slip on wet surfaces or on ice and snow. If you are going to have surgery for ACL or know someone that is, please tell them about our Hi-Traction System of Non-Slip Crutch and Cane Tips.

The best way to increase your traction and insure a speedy recovery from anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery is to use the best… use RainGuards & SnowBoots from Hi-Trac Industries Inc.
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