SnowBoot™ - Non Slip Crutch Tip
SnowBoots™ are non-slip crutch tip covers for RainGuard™ crutch and cane tips. They provide superior traction and maneuverability in snow and icy outdoor conditions. The radial vent design and unique textured surface help prevent slipping and falling while using a cane or crutches even in the worst conditions. When used together, SnowBoots™ and RainGuard™ provide a Hi-Traction System that is easily removed when returning indoors.

Proven and Tested Over 30 years!

• Safer Than Cane Ice Spikes
• Won't Trap Water Or Snow
• Less Slipping and Falling
• Easy On /Off
• Lightweight

SnowBoot™ Non-Slip Crutch Tips fit crutch tips that are 1 13/16” (4.6cm) in diameter.

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