Product Disclaimer
The creation of RainGuard™ and SnowBoots™ was acheived over a very long period of time with “real life” testing each day. The owner Patty has used crutches for the past 50 years. She better than anyone can tell us the pros and cons of the product. You should be aware of these findings as you use the products RainGuard™ and SnowBoots™.


RainGuard™ are made of a very specific rubber compound allowing for maximum wear and maximum traction on most wet surfaces. RainGuard™ as well as all other crutch and cane tips and even regular shoes and boots will slip on oily surfaces. According to Patty, the worst place is fast food restaurants with tile floors which sometimes have a film of oil on them. Mixed with water this creates even more danger of falling. It is Patty’s advice to walk cautiously in those conditions where oil could be present.

RainGuard™ uses a very specific design on the bottom to vent and squeegee water from under the tip and allow the tip to find dryer conditions. If foreign material gets between the bottom of the tip and the floor, you most likely can and will slip. Foreign material like wet mud, heavy dirt, grass, leaves, sticks etc. should be cleaned from the bottom of the tip to maintain maximum traction. As with any great shoe or tire with great tread design, when the tread becomes clogged the traction is greatly reduced.

With normal use RainGuards™' will wear out like any other crutch or cane tip. Inspect for wear and replace them when you feel your traction is compromised and less than you desire.


SnowBoots™ are designed to be worn outside only. They can and will damage tile, wood, ceramic, concrete, natural stone or any indoor flooring! ALWAYS REMOVE SNOWBOOTS™ WHEN GOING INSIDE!

SnowBoots™ will not function properly if a foreign material becomes lodged between the bottom of the boot and the snow or ice. Like any pair of boots or shoes, keep the bottom of the boot as clean as you can. This will allow for maximum traction when walking on ice or snow.

SnowBoots™ are made with a very abrasive material that will wear out over time. Signs of wear will be the bottom edges of the boot missing the abrasive material. When this happens, it is time to replace the boots. The drier you can keep the boots in between outdoor use, the longer they will last. According to Patty, the boots and the tips take a beating on dry concrete and dry asphalt.

It is important also to try to maintain a 90 degree angle as best you can which will place the boot and the tip as flat on the ground as possible. Wide angles can create slipping of any tip or boot as the entire bottom is not on the ground or floor surface.

These tips and boots will allow you to maximize your traction. You cannot prevent all slip and falls by using our product. There are millions of combinations and variations of elements that can cause a fall. Our limit of liability is to the refund or replacement of the product. We suggest you always walk with caution and be aware of your surroundings and elements on which you are walking if you use crutches or a cane.
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