"These have been great for my 8 year old son who is on crutches. He had some bad falls in the school hallways from water being on the floor, but he hasn't had any falls since we have put these Rain-Guards tips on. I am waiting to see how long they last. They seem pretty durable. A little of the edges came off one, but did not affect anything. I will update when they need to be replaced. Came quickly to my door and the customer service was great. There is also a boot cover for snow that I also purchased".

  A. C. Smith "A.C.Smith" (VA) - Amazon purchaser - November 17, 2012

  "Walking on wet tiled floors with my crutches was a nightmare until I got these.. They gave me the confidence to get out and about more, a big thank you!!!"

  Bazzer - Amazon purchaser - November 4, 2012

  "I recently had surgery and am a VERY active person that has a hard time being held down. The normal crutch tips are $5 dollars a set from the drug store.and I wore out 6 pairs in 5 weeks.I needed to find a better more durable tip and took a chance on these.Problem solved! I have had these for months now,have subjected them to the same abuse and they're not even half way worn out yet! And they get 10 times better traction. I have laminate flooring in the entry way of my house.walking on it after the old crutch tips got wet was suicide.this situation can be dangerous with any rubber on laminate flooring.But is 10 times better with these crutch tips. I'll never buy anything else from now on!"

   D. Mcallister - Amazon purchaser - August 12, 2013

  "I use the Walk Easy short arm crutches and these tips work better than any I have ever tried. Such a relief to walk safely when it is wet. I used to fall quite often, but have not had one slip with these. I will be trying the snow tips as well because I am absolutely thrilled with these & will never be without them!"

   Kayte - Amazon purchaser - November 22, 2012

  "Best I've had! Wouldn't think twice about getting more!"

   Brittany Gwisdala - Amazon purchaser - August 21, 2013
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